Sound Assurance Premier®

Sound Assurance - Support Programs for Digital Radiography & PACS solutions

We’re here for you when you need us.

Sound® has created the most comprehensive and longest-term extended warranty programs in the industry to support our number one asset — you!

1-800-268-5354 Ext. 6

Uptime is the most important promise a company can make — this fuels our commitment for higher levels of service with live support specialists when you need it most.

Warranties and insurance are typically something you only think about when there’s a problem. Sound Assurance Premier® is very different. Our members enjoy additional benefits which can impact the practice in many positive ways.

SoundSafe™ Cloud Image Archiving, Viewing and Sharing

All Sound Assurance Premier® members enjoy the benefits of SoundSafe™, the industry’s first and largest image cloud. With access to SoundSafe™, you’ll be able to store, view and share images, anywhere, anytime on any device. We’ve made it simple and easy to share exams with colleagues and pet owners via email. Our technical support team members are here to support you with any issues that may arise — including viewing, sharing and uploading images to the cloud.

Warranty and Repair

Enrollment in Sound Assurance Premier® delivers the peace of mind that comes with the industry’s most extensive service coverage including advanced loaner systems, on-site preventative maintenance, and remote diagnostics. These are just a few of the warranty features; consult your specialist for details.


Free product software updates allow you to stay current with the fast pace of technology. Sound® is a proud partner of many of the industry’s most popular software solutions. Your Sound Assurance Premier® membership enables you to receive substantial discounts on products such as OrthoPlan Elite™, eFilm® and practice management solutions.

AIS Telemedicine Services

Sound Assurance Premier® gives you access to board certified radiologists for consultations and interpretations across multiple disciplines. Some fees apply, be sure to discuss with your specialist how AIS® can compliment your practice today.