Orthoplan Elite

Orthoplan Elite-Veterinary Surgical Planning Software with Virtual Surgery

The Standard of Care for Surgical Planning

Whether you're repairing a ruptured cruciate, limb deformity, fracture or joint reconstruction — Orthoplan Elite® has the right tools for veterinary surgery:

  • Automated Magnification Calibration
  • Automated measurement tools for TPLO, TTA and THR
  • Cut and move feature allowing for virtual surgery
  • Implant templates from all major manufacturers
  • Stitching allows full view and measurements for angular limb deformity and spine (hips to feet)
  • Vast array of orthopedic measurement tools
  • Licensing for up to 3 workstations

Orthoplan Elite® has an unparalleled suite of orthopedic planning tools.

Streamline your surgical planning to insure and improve your surgical outcomes.

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Sound® orthopedic planning products are in-use in over 400 surgical centers. Orthoplan Elite® is the clear choice of orthopedic surgeons, researchers and implant manufacturers. Orthoplan Elite will simplify and enhance orthopedic assessment and planning:

  • Automated measurement for TPLO, TTA, THR
  • Image Stitching
  • Continuously updated comprehensive implant template library
  • Cut feature allows you to perform virtual surgery and test results — before the patient is on the table