LOGIQ® S8 Vet with XDclear™

LOGIQ® S8 Vet with XDclear™ - Veterinary Ultrasound

Simply Amazing

Now part of the XDClear™ Family

The LOGIQ® S8 has bween enhanced with XDclear imaging architecture and probe technology. Migrated from GE’s flagship system, these innovative technologies combine to enable superb imaging across a wide range of applications, including abdominal, musculoskeletal,vascular, cardiology, urology and more.

The LOGIQ S8 with XDclear ultrasound system.

Harnessing thepowerful combination of S-Agile Acoustic Architecture and XDclear probe technology, the LOGIQ S8 with XDclear gives you access to amazing versatility inultrasound imaging. As part of the XDclear family, it combines GE’s premierprobe and platform technology – delivering optimized image quality across the widest latitude of applications with micro-convex transducers and thehighest beam former channel count in the S class. You will also discover a new ease of workflowin a lightweight, portable design that fits easily into the veterinary care environment.

LOGIQ S8 with XDclear


Product Tabs



  • Power Assistant
  • GE Raw Data
  • B-Flow
  • Compare Assistant
  • Scan Assistant
  • LOGIQ View
  • Streamlined Archiving and Reporting
  • Auto-Optimization Tools
  • Selection of High-Performance XDclear™ Probes
  • Automated Measurement Tools
  • S-Agile Acoustic Architecture
  • Shared Service with Outstanding Cardiac Performance

Superb Imaging for Diagnostic Confidence

  • Power Assistant - Provides battery power during transport for immediate boot-up. Simply roll the system into the room, plug back in, and you’re ready to begin scanning with no waiting.
  • GE Raw Data - Helps shorten exam times by enabling users to quickly acquire data and then apply a wide variety of image processing after the exam.
  • Compare Assistant - View a prior study - ultrasound, CT or MR - and current images together in time via a split screen on the monitor.
  • Scan Assistant - Provides customizable automation to assist users at each step of an ultrasound exam, helping to reduce keystrokes and exam times. One study demonstrated a 79% reduction in keystrokes and 54% reduction in exam time versus not using Scan Assistant.
  • Streamlined Archiving and Reporting - The system offer robust DICOM connectivity and is compatible with many imaging IT solutions for efficient data management.
  • Auto-Optimization Tools - Helps achieve excellent images and optimize Spectral Doppler with one keystroke.

Scalable to your Needs

Leveraging premium platform modalities and research technologies, the S8 XDclear Vet offers a wide range of optional clinical packages, including; including Shear Wave Elastography for non-invasive 2D quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness, Fusion Imaging;Needle Tip Tracking and Volume Navigation.