GE LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGen


Advanced Hardware

The new LOGIQ e Vet NextGEN imaging engine comes from GE’s flagship systems, delivering console performance in a compact package. Now with a Solid State Hard Drive & i7 Processor

  • Faster processing, faster frame rates, faster transition times enabling “Technology Layering” for enhanced imaging in multiple applications
  • Improved detail and contrast resolution along with improved penetration on all probes
  • Solid State Hard Drive = Less moving parts for improved reliability
  • Double the channel count of current LOGIQ e

Accelerated Software

The New LOGIQ e Vet NextGen’s software has improved image quality along with several features ideally suited for the imaging specialist.

  • Plug and Play veterinary presets for out of the box, high-end imaging
  • Improved visualization of smaller targets
  • Improved needle guidance, now with needle gain
  • Patient Follow Up Tool with Fusion for serial studies

B-Steer/Needle Guidance

Enhances the ability to see both the target and needle with independent needle and B-mode gain controls

Hi-Res PDI

Diagnose and follow treatment of inflammation by detecting and quantifying the presence of microvasculature and blood flow.

Follow Up/Fusion

  • Optimize treatment with serial studies.
  • Align anatomy from previous studies during live imaging while synchronizing all imaging parameters.
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The innovative GE LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN delivers advanced functionality attuned to your everyday needs.

Advanced Transducer Technology

Exciting new transducer technology with expanded frequencies and bandwidth up to 22MHz, increasing capabilities of the imaging practice. New Button Probe technology improves efficiency and reduces resources during imaging procedures.

  • New C1-5 RS Convex
  • New L10-22 RS High Frequency Probe
  • New L4-12t RS Button Probe
  • Compatible with most LOGIQ e transducers


“As a radiologist, I strive to have the best image possible. The LOGIQ e Vet NextGen system, delivers console level images that are easier to describe the lesion and help guide targeted treatment for myself and referring DVM’s.” - Kurt Selberg, DVM, Dip. ACVR

“The L10-22 linear probe’s detail resolution and small footprint combined with penetration just blew me away; this probe and machine combination are a game changer. Plug n play right out of the box is ridiculous. So far, the best GE I’ve ever used.” - Adrienne Parkinson, RDMS

“Penetration with the LOGIQ e Vet NextGEN at high frequency provides detail we’ve never before seen in a portable unit. Combining the processing capabilities to use CrossXbeam and virtual convex simultaneously, provides me hospital based ultrasound capabilities in the field.” - Natasha Werpy, DVM, Dip. ACVR