DDF Tendon Calcification

We have been treating an Irish Draught horse that had calcification in both deep digital flexor tendons with RF lameness and accompanying tenderness. The left had less calcification than the right. We treated for one month (missed a few days due to holidays.

Results are as follows: the left tendon calcification is not visible (see images) and the right has reduced but I haven't finished measuring the residual in the right but wanted to let you know the initial results.

To my knowledge this has not been accomplished before. We are going to continue treating the right tendon that had much more calcification to determine if we can resolve it all as well. I mentioned this to one practitioner that has several western horses in one stable that are "on the shelf" because they have DDF tendonitis with calcification and lameness and cannot train or show. I have had no success in treating this condition in the past.

This is an important case.