Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System

Veterinary X Ray Equipment-Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy System®

The Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System does not use a radioactive isotopes, so it can be performed without the need for a lead shielded room. This enabled the veterinarians and therapists to remain with their patients during treatment, ensuring their safety and the accurate delivery of treatment.

Radiation therapy is a well understood and commonly used treatment for cancer in both veterinary and human medicine. Over time, radiation modalities have advanced to be safer and more efficacious. Modern linear accelerators are relatively safe and effective but come with enormous costs in facility and equipment requirements. The side effects of linear accelerator treatments also result in treatments needed to be subdivided into often dozens of fractions requiring that number of trips for your client and anesthetic inductions for the patient.

What if radiation therapy could be provided more easily, with a greatly reduced number of treatment fractions, vastly lower equipment and facility costs, and used on more tumor types with reduced risk of collateral tissue damage? Now it can....

The Axxent® Electronic Brachytherapy System® is a leading-edge technology that utilizes a proprietary miniaturized X Ray source to apply radiation directly to a tumor bed within the body. The Axxent® X-ray Source delivers high-dose rate, low energy radiation treatment without the use of radioactive isotopes. Axxent does not use radioactive isotopes, so it can be used without the need for a lead-shielded room. This enables veterinarians and therapists to remain with their patients during treatment, ensuring their safety and the treatment's accurate delivery.

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Safe enough to use in any room with the therapist present
Plugs into standard 110V outlet
Radiation is only emitted when the source is turned on
Minimized exposure to healthy tissues
Allows for reduced treatment fractions and greater client compliance
Intra-operative treatments
Treat lesions linear accelerators cannot
Capital costs of about 1/4 of a linear accelerator
Simplified Remote planning with hypo-fractionation and BMRT

Axxent® Veterinary Brachytherapy is a revolutionary advancement in veterinary cancer treatment that provides new and improved hope to your clients and patients.