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NEXT Equine DR

NEXT Equine DR Introduction


NEXT Equine DR Testimonial

NEXT Equine DR Testimonial


NEXT Equine DR

The Best Selling Equine DR System in History

The First Stand Up Portable DR

NEXT Equine DR® has evolved the imaging experience. The industry first monitor elevation system enables and enhances image review and communication with clients while standing. Reviewing images on a large screen with gesture controls allows for easy zoom and window level optimization, improving client communication and diagnostic confidence when making tough decisions in the field.

  • Industry First Monitor Elevation System
  • <5 Sec Image Acquisition
  • Mobile Workstation
  • MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing

The NEXT DR system from Sound is the go-to system for image acquisition speed, image quality, and efficient workflow. The image quality on thick body parts is outstanding, and the large display is great for ensuring you have the image you want the first time.

Jim Morehead, DVM Lexington, KY


Industry Leading SMART DR™ Software


The easiest, most intuitive imaging experience ever created specifically for veterinary use with speed, efficiency and accuracy in mind.

SMART Protocols

Pre-packaged and simple user defined protocols optimize workflow for every user.


Placing advanced features at the fingertips, enabling novice to expert to get more out of digital radiography than ever before.


MUSICA Intelligent Image Processing

Industry Leading Sound SMART DR™ Software MUSICA knows how to automatically tune for any patient, species, or size, delivering consistently high image quality.

  • Balanced presentation of soft tissue and overlapping bone structures
  • Realistic representation of anatomy, not over processed
  • Confident comfortable reading
  • Gold standard in human and veterinary radiology
  • A truly innovative “hands free” medical image processor

Durable Hardshell Case

  • Integrated Battery Charger
  • Integrated Power System
  • Monitor Elevation System

18” Removable Tablet

  • Mobile DICOM Workstation
  • MUSICA Image Processing
  • SMART DR™ Software & Workflow

Multiple Panel Options

  • Cesium Wireless Autosense
  • Custom Equine Handle System.
  • Available in 10"x12" & 14"x17"

NEXT Equine DR

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