CT That Fits Any Practice

Now Part of Sounds Emerging Technology Family of Products

Sound® has taken its 20+ years of experience in veterinary-specific capital equipment and expanded its reach to the CT market. As the veterinary imaging leader, SOUND continues to incorporate these advanced imaging modalities to provide equipment for the entire breadth of a clinic's needs.

Sound is proud to partner with Samsung NeuroLogica and its line of CT scanners.
With 43 existing veterinary installations, the CereTom® has proven to be a valuable asset in the small animal clinic.

Floor space is a premium in veterinary clinics. Expanding your offerings by providing CT to your clients formerly involved expensive build-outs that include lead-lined walls, 3-phase 480V electrical in a dedicated 14' x 20' suite with adjacent control room with lead glass. Now any tech in your practice can roll a wireless, battery-powered, self- shielded CT scanner into virtually any room of your clinic - including the surgical suite - to perform real-time advanced imaging.

With full 3D and Mutli-Planar Reconstructions generated within SECONDS of image acquisition by way of an on-board reconstruction computer, CereTom offers an immediate and powerful tool to your diagnostic arsenal.

CT That Fits Any Budget


SOUND® presents the CereTom® 8-Slice Portable CT with no upfront or build out costs. A new level of accessibility to CT is enabling practices to easily integrate advanced imaging.

  • CereTom® is being offered in a program that requires no money down. Whatever savings you have budgeted for this (what you thought was a) high dollar purchase, you can re-allocate to another part of your clinic that can use some work, whether it be equipment or staff or marketing.
  • CereTom®, being a battery powered, wirelessly connected, self-shielded, and portable CT scanner, avoids you the expenses and hassle of engineering buildout and high- end electrical retrofitting. Instead, this is a plug-and-play option that has you scanning on the same day as delivery. In fact, because you can roll the scanner into the surgical suite to scan, you can add pre- and post-op scans into your workflow and revenue stream.
  • SOUND® has organized a step-lease program that bundles the equipment, warranty/service/maintenance, and cloud data storage into one affordable and predictable monthly payment. This structure provides profitability at 6-8 scans per month. And that is just from scan revenue. The surgical procedures this modality unlocks provide a revenue stream that truly expands the practice.
  • New modalities often take time to implement into a clinic, and even longer to take hold. With this program, monthly payments are lowest in the first year, which allows time to incorporate and market the modality. These payments increase by 10% per year, which will organically follow with your experience and expertise on this new, advanced modality.
  • Expansion, whether in equipment or facilities, is a necessary part of business and overall economic growth. As such, there are tax breaks given to purchases that help grow your practice. Within this model, you can benefit immediately from the IRS’s Section 179 depreciation write- off, which can currently allow up to $500,000 in deductions, and save you a significant amount of tax dollars.

Coronal MIP

3D Spine

Axial Abdomen (90lb dog)

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  • Portable Design
  • Battery Powered
  • Standard 110V Electrical
  • Self-shielded
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • 8-Slice detector (1.25 mm slice)
  • Axial, Helical, & Dynamic (Perfusion, Angiography) Scanning
  • Windows-based Laptop Workstation
  • Intuitive, Veterinary-Specific User Interface (Beta)
  • On-board Reconstruction Computer
  • 2D, 3D & Multi-Planar Reconstruction