Animage Fidex

Animage Fidex

CT, DR, and Fluoroscopy - All In One Machine

Animage has created FIDEX, the only fully three-modality diagnostic imaging system to meet all of your advanced imaging needs for companion animal veterinary practices.

FIDEX combines computed tomography (CT), digital radiography (DR), and fluoroscopy (FL) into a single machine, which can also be configured as a one or two-modality system. The FIDEX combination of these modalities into one machine conserves valuable space, leverages financial resources, and increases your operational effectiveness. It is fast becoming the world-wide favorite.

This combination of CT, DR, and FL into one machine creates unprecedented economies of space, leverages financial resources, and increases operational effectiveness. Because of this, FIDEX will place the benefits of the diagnostic power of CT into your hands thereby enabling better decision making during critical moments prior to taking action, saving both time and money while increasing the quality of care delivered.

The FIDEX solution delivers a proven CT system without the need for additional power installation or room modifications. FIDEX is easy to operate and maintain with a total cost of ownership much less than a refurbished or used human CT scanner. FIDEX runs from a standard 220V wall outlet, requires no cooling beyond standard office temperature controls, has similar shielding parameters to standard radiography systems, and can easily fit through standard doors and hallways for ease of installation. FIDEX installs in as little as an hour and can be ready to operate within two hours. Rest assured your FIDEX will be fully supported through an available annual maintenance plan providing peace of mind for years to come.

Fidex Benefits

  • Improved cash flow from both in-house and outside referrals into your practice levaging the advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities
  • Reduction or elimination of breathing artifacts within studies via the Animage ABC™ Breathing System
  • An intuitive, easy to use software interface specifically designed for veterinary applications. Basic & Advanced modes enable various skill levels
  • Easily apply numerous tissue filters and reconstruction algorithms without the need to rescan animal
  • Numerous software tools that facilitate efficient work flow
  • Full compliment of software tools with on screen annotations and measurements to increase work flow with captured details and reconstruction algorithms without the need to rescan animal
  • Open C-arm design enables easy patient access
  • Rotation of C-arm also provides ability for oblique, lateral, and standing radiographic studies

CT, nasal study MPR view.

CT, nasal study volume rendering.

CT Volume rendering showing displacement of a dog’s right lung by a large tumor, as well as calcification within the tumor, selectively omitting display of tumor tissue.

DR of the pelvic area, 17" x 17".

CT volume rendering, cat brain with contrast.

Product Tabs



Simple Operation

The FIDEX software was written from ground up with veterinary clinics in mind. The basic mode provides default settings that a first time user to produce high quality images with confidence.

Advanced users get access to more controls with a single mouse click.

FIDEX is all about ease of use and ergonomics. The C-arm design provides open access to the patient from both sides of the scanner for easy positioning and preparation. An optional large full- floating DR table provides more working room, especially for larger animals. The boom arm with LCD (standard with FL) can be rotated to any position for optimum visibility during intervention.

FIDEX Technology

Animage developed the patentpending Automated Breathing Control (ABC™) System. The ABC™ System is a fully automated and electronically implemented system that controls the breathing of an animal during a CT scan.

This effectively prevents blurring from motion artifacts around the thoracic cavity. As a result, thorax CT images are sharp and clear every time!

The FIDEX system incorporates not only standard MPR and MIP slices and slab visualization, but also the latest available volume rendering filters for optimum 3D visualization. These configurable visualization modes offer powerful ways to facilitate the accurate mapping and planning of surgical procedures.

Image Quality

FIDEX state of the art image quality resolves detail below 0.1mm in radiography and fluoroscopy, and down to 0.2mm in CT, which is better than standard human CT scanners.

DICOM Compliant

FIDEX enables quick and easy consultation with tele radiological service providers via one-click import and export of DICOM images. Furthermore, FIDEX is compatible with most radiology workstations and DICOM management software packages.

FIDEX offers the means to make your practice immensely more productive & profitable by adding advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities to your business. Fidex can create opportunities for new revenue - ask us how!