DoctorVet utilize Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths to stimulate cellular function. By assisting the body’s normal biological functions, doctorVet laser therapy helps increase bloodflow, bring more oxygen to the cells, and turn that oxygen into ATP quicker. More abundant ATP means more energy for the cells. More energy for cells means quicker recovery. doctorVet also provides increased pain reduction along with a reduction of swelling and edema. This is called bio stimulation and results in improved cellular activity and body function.



Stimulating cells results when NIR wavelengths provide the correct dose (2 -10 joules/cm2). This is easy when dealing with cells in the laboratory, petri dish, and on the body surface. When trying to provide a stimulatory dose deep in a joint, this provides some obstacles like fur, skin, muscles, connective tissue, etc. Each of these tissues interacts with wavelength differently and can either absorb or restrict light penetration. Understanding laser tissue interaction is vital to providing the appropriate bio stimulatory dose at depth. doctorVet protocols are based on the research of many scientists. The most important research was presented at NAALT 2014 that found at 6 cm deep the body has absorbed 70% of the power that began at the surface.


Optimal patient care results from incorporating Power, Pulsing, and the science of Dosimetry. While it is true that Continuous Wave (CW) delivers the greatest dosage in the fastest time, studies prove that variable pulsing also provides enhanced stimulation to specific tissues. Pulsing above 10,000 Hz is also shown to provide increased anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effects. By combining 16W peak power and 25,000 Hz pulsing capabilities with scientifically supported protocols, doctorVet consistently ensures treatment efficacy.

Infrared wavelengths are ideal for biostimulation. No study exists identifying superiority of one wavelength over another. By combining 660 nm, 808 nm and 915 nm (± 10%), doctorVet ensures optimal penetration and stimulation of targeted tissues without heating surface tissue. This allows doctorVet to meet the broad treatment needs of veterinary practice.