Testimonials & Reviews

“Working with Sound is not just buying a product, it’s really an experience, an all encompassing thing. In every respect Sound has been great. The image quality is so good on the NEXT Equine DR unit that it actually makes other images from other units look inadequate. We do thousands and thousands of radiographs because we do repository work, so we’ve really tested the unit and had no problems with it, it’s just such a pleasure to use. We have 27 horses to X-Ray today and we’re rolling right through it.”

Jeffrey T. Berk, VMD

“We look at images from virtually every digital radiography system marketed to veterinarians coast to coast. The images from Sound SMART DR are above and beyond the quality of any other images we see.”

Bennett Fagin, DVM, DACVR
Vet-Rat, Ltd.

“Why Sound SMART DR? Someone who’s never seen the system before can walk up and know exactly what to do, it’s that intuitive. Sound has also taken support to the next level. From SMART DR you can chat live with a technician and they’re working with you instantly.”

Terry Besiner, RVT, Imaging PACS Administrator
Blue Pearl

“The NEXT DR System from Sound is the wireless DR system we have been waiting for. The panel capture area is large enough for almost any view, and is lighter than my current panel (TruDR LX). The image quality and acquisition speed are as good if not better than my cabled system”

Chris Johnson, DVM

“The NEXT DR system from Sound is the system I want to use when acquiring pre-purchase exams. The time from image to image is the fastest I have seen in a wireless system.”

Robert Cook, DVM

“As a radiologist, I strive to have the best image possible. The LOGIQ e Vet NextGen system, delivers console level images that are easier to describe the lesion and help guide targeted treatment for myself and referring DVM’s.”

Kurt Selberg, DVM, Dip. ACVR

“After using the NEXT DR system from Sound, I found the image acquisition cycle time to be faster than my current wired system, and I found the edge detail and trabecular bone pattern to be superior as well.” (Canon 31 Panel)

Daryl Easley, DVM

“Penetration with the LOGIQ e Vet NextGEN at high frequency provides detail we’ve never before seen in a portable unit. Combining the processing capabilities to use CrossXbeam and virtual convex simultaneously, provides me hospital based ultrasound capabilities in the field.”

Natasha Werpy, DVM, Dip. ACVR

“The image quality is better on the NEXT DR system from Sound, with less dose than my current DR System. The ability to stand UP and interact with the system is also a huge benefit to my practice”

Dr. Wesley Sutter, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS
Lexington Equine Surgery and Sports Medicine

“The new SMART DR software is amazing! The upgrade in image quality is equal to the change with our first DR system when we left film behind. Install and set up went without a hiccup. PERFECT!”

Douglas G Aspros, DMV

“The L10-22 linear probe’s detail resolution and small footprint combined with penetration just blew me away; this probe and LOGIQ e NextGEN machine combination are a game changer. Plug-n-play right out of the box is ridiculous. So far, the best GE I’ve ever used.”

Adrienne Parkinson, ADMS

“The NEXT DR system from Sound is the go-to system for image acquisition speed, image quality, and efficient workflow. The image quality on thick body parts is outstanding, and the large display is great for ensuring you have the image you want the first time.”

Jim Morehead, DVM

“For orthopedic surgery we can't do without our Sound DR. Since there is no wait for developing and no limitations on the number of cassettes in the practice, we take numerous views including oblique views fast. Penn Hip film sets are a breeze due to the fact that we see the positioning in seconds and can adjust accordingly."

Dr. Tony Kremer
Kremer Veterinary Services

"Oh Man, I keep looking back there in x-ray. Best x-ray's I've ever seen. It's amazing how clear and the detail in the abdomen and on orthopedics. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for all you've done."

Dr. Lantow
AMC Orland Park

"Wow. Beautiful images, can't wait to get at all the other clinics"

Anthony Kremer DVM
Animal Care Center of Plainfield

"Wow. Found a foreign body, did not see on prior film radiograph, even with contrast. Saved the dogs life."

John Coyne DVM
Forest South Animal Hospital

"Wow. Clearly diagnosed femoral head fracture. Finding masses and tumors on rabbits, birds and other exotics. Doing whole body views."

Robert Ness DVM
Ness Exotic Wellness

"I love it. Still learning to manipulate images" 

Jay Whittle DVM
Mill Creek Animal Clinic

"Its changed the quality of our practice. We have no regrets at all with the purchase. Were taking more X-rays more now than we ever have."

Jeremy Buishas DVM

"I am the owner of Veterinary Health Care Concepts, a pet-care company focused on providing high-quality medical care and luxury resort accommodations for dogs and cats. Our 8-doctor medical clinic consists of a day practice and a 24-hour emergency center. As a business owner, it is my goal to provide my doctors and technicians with the tools and equipment they need to provide the highest level of care to our patients. To that end, I recently purchased TruDr nx Digital Radiography. Because this was a significant purchase, I did extensive research before making a buying decision. I ultimately made the decision to purchase Sound Technologies' equipment because I felt it was the best value for the price, the follow up I received from Robert Whitaker was excellent, and Sound was well-equipped to support my staff through the installation and implementation. In addition, Sound Technologies has the depth of support to offer us on-going technical assistance 24-hours a day.

I have been extremely satisfied with the acquisition of this piece of equipment. Aside from it being many staff members’ favorite piece of technology, it has significantly increased our productivity when taking radiographs. In the past, it would take 13 – 18 minutes to develop a film. Now, we can have radiographs ready for interpretation in less than 3 minutes. And, according to Dr. Marla Hendricks, one of my emergency veterinarians, this reduction of time really makes an impact. According to her, “Vets refer their patients to Metro West when there’s an emergency or when critical care is required. The quicker we can determine their injuries or diagnose the cause of their symptoms, the quicker we can ease their pain and set them on the right course of healing.”

As our clients continue to demand the highest-quality care for their pets performed in the quickest amount of time (according to recent research, clients even want emergency visits to the vet to last less than 30 minutes!), the TruDr nx Digital Radiography has equipped us to better meet their needs. It has been a tremendous addition to Veterinary Health Care Concepts, and I would indeed make the same decision again if given the opportunity."

Dr. Steve Hotchkiss, DVM

"We installed our new digital radiology center over a month ago and I just wanted to take this moment to send you an email filled with gratitude for this wonderful system. :-) We have a busy AAHA accredited hospital seeing dogs and cats only. We emphasize quality diagnostics as having correct data on patients is critical to selecting proper therapy. This new system makes radiology a snap. Film waste is gone and we are no longer polluting with silver salts and the other issues associated with developing machines. No more down time while we wait for the processor to be serviced, either, but the most incredible thing to me is the amount of saved manpower from going digital. Radiographs now take less than ten minutes for our techs to take. This means that many pictures are on the viewer in our exam room in the time it takes to see one patient. Clients can now conveniently wait while their films are taken and review them with one of our doctors and make decisions critical to their pet's progress. This saves us time, money and gives our clients better service.

On our first day of service we did 15 films! With the image enhancement features included in the system software we can make a Chihuahua's toe look like a horse's foot. That truly changes our ability to diagnose accurately. What else could we ask for? Your installation crew were flawless and very helpful. There was some concern that a digital Xrays system might be difficult to learn or that we would be too "nontechy" to make the transition, and all I can say is that we were up and running as promised and have had not one down moment (well one, when a cable came loose - we called Sound Technologies tech support and were fixed and running in less than five minutes - Yeah!). I love this machine. The technicians laughed at me one day as I stood there just staring all starry eyed at it after it was installed and working. Because of your excellent work, I was able to go to digital radiographs a full year earlier than I believed possible.

Anyway, we have used your company for ultrasound leasing for a decade and a half, and now true digital radiology is added to our list and I just have to say how much I appreciate your honesty and competence. After viewing and evaluating many other systems (some that were not true DR) our practice manager, Joseph Makkar gave me the green light and we have not regretted one thing except not doing this earlier. My staff, clients, patients, and I all wish you a prosperous future!"

Thomas M. Burns, DVM
Hospital Director Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod

"We have done $5,800/month in digital radiography with the Tru DR system that was just installed in December of 2007. Add to that our separate digital dental of another $2,500/month and we are cooking with gas! Assuming no growth over the next six months we will do over $100,000 in digital radiography! That is very easy math when you subtract the lease payments. By the end of the year, I think we will be closer to the $100,000/year run rate with just the Tru Dr system alone. This from a practice that barely did $20,000 the year before with film and chemicals. Taking multiple shots is easy and quick. We do them all the time on an outpatient basis even on busy Saturdays.

I had a cat last Saturday with urinary bladder problems. We pulled labs to send off, but I also took a VD and lateral of his abdomen to be complete even though it was swamped and I only had 2 technicians working with 2 doctors that day. The cat had bladder stones and we had them dissolved with confirmed xrays on a technician appointment in just 3 weeks! My client was a physician and was extremely impressed with the quality of the radiographs and the speed at which we gave her a complete and accurate diagnosis as well as how quickly and efficiently we confirmed the efficacy of our treatment protocol. We could not have done that without the TRU DR system. It would have taken too long and we would have had to schedule the xrays for another day and the client may or may not have come back for the xrays which would have taken about 30 minutes of staff time, instead of 5 minutes at most. It would have taken me that long just to tell the client why we needed to schedule radiographs for another day and get everything set up. Instead I had the answer and the income. This happens time and time again in our practice. We get answers fast and the quality is excellent.

Getting second opinions on the hard cases is also a snap. No more mailing things and waiting weeks for an answer. It has been a very rewarding investment. Happy staff, happy clients and a happy wife when the checks roll in! The only unhappy people are my old xray film, solution and repair vendors. I don't miss all that aggravation one minute! My advice to any veterinarian about digital xray is just do it. There was no money in the old film and chemical days, now there is in the digital age. Very good money and very good medicine!"

Larry Hawk DVM

"I wanted to let you know how much I like our Logiq E. After having the original Logiq Book, which was a good step up at that time for lower limb imaging, the E is a great image and I love the platform. We also have a Logiq 5 in the clinic and the platforms are alike, and that makes it easy to go back and forth. I use the Logiq E for limbs and chests, and Barry uses it for his ambulatory scans of abdomens, chests and hearts. He now says it could replace the 5 with the right probes.

I am excited that there is now a repro probe for the E, as it will round out the capabilities. I compare the E images to the MyLab of Lisa’s, and I much prefer the E. It is also worth noting that the E worked right out of the box, and it took 3 different MyLabs to get one that worked. Sound Technologies is great to work with and we appreciate that as well. Thanks for introducing us to the Logiq E, and I strongly recommend it."

Reynolds Cowles DVM
Blue Ridge Equine Clinic

"I love your digital radiography. It is easy to use and almost impossible to make it wrong. With inverting option, I enjoy looking at the inter-vertebral spaces of dogs. Clients are very impressed by the crystal clear images and no one complained about the increase prices of the x-rays. Staff is more proud of the hospital with current technology. And I do not have to smell the chemical developers and fixers any more. How about the saving spaces from stocking all the x-rays and saving time from finding the missing x-rays in the past. Digital X-ray is the way to go for the future of veterinary imaging. We were able to make the face out of the coin a dog ingested in the image. How about that."

Won Han DVM

"I am writing this letter of reference for you to use in regards to my purchase of the Tru DR System over two years ago. In summary, I can state the following with no reservation: 1. My staff and I love it! We get fast, easy, high quality radiographs and telemedicine on the spot, same day, or within 24 hrs as we request it. 2. I would do it again in a heartbeat. 3. Even with today's tough economic times (high gas and food prices with concern over pet owner's ability to pay for "discretionary expenses like pet care"), I would do it again in a heartbeat. During tough economic times, it is important to remember that quality care is still something pet owners want and will find ways to pay for especially when it comes to making a diagnosis. Tru DR offers much better quality radiographs and rapid telemedicine. 4. I can say that our two doctor practice has easily profited by the purchase of the Tru DR system.

Here is the basic math for any practice to do to determine if it will work for them: First, calculate how many views you take per month. Add $10 to $15 per view. This is justified by the improved quality. Clients will pay for this. Say that is 90 views per month. Well, that is another $900 to $1400 per month income. Second, accept that you will take more views and do more cases because of the tremendous time savings. At 5 to 10 more cases more month at 2 views each, do the math and see you are likely in a profit margin. Third, discuss the tax advantages (depreciation expense) with you CPA. Fourth, the first year, there will be darkroom savings. My quickbooks showed I was spending $400 to $450 per month on darkroom costs (film, maintenance contract, chemicals). After the first year the darkroom saving is offset but the Sound Assurance warranty costs per month, but it is still worth it.

I have received 24/7 technical support that is quick to respond and takes care of the problems. Fifth, realize the huge labor savings per radiographic case. We calculated for two techncians to take two views on a case, we were saving 1 hour of labor per case with Tru DR (retakes, no darkroom time, telemedicine time to scan and send radiographs). At 50 cases a month that is 50 hours of labor. That labor could be invested in other areas of the clinic to increase income. So, by adding Tru DR, a practice saves on labor and increases income in other areas because technicians are free to work in other areas. This saves everyone time including the doctor and client.

Here is an example, say it is 5 pm and a dog comes in hit by a car.? radiographs are needed after the pet is stabilized plus we suspect a hip is out of joint. We can get full body views in less than 10 minutes and have them being reviewed by a Darkhorse specialists in another 15 minutes. Without Tru DR, we might spend another hour on this minimum. The work gets done faster so we can move onto other things. Have any of your potential customers call me to discuss the financial aspects. 5. I called 10 other users of Tru DR before I purchased the system. I encourage your potential customers to do the same. 6. Other intangible benefits are the image the improved quality and time savings makes on the clients and support staff (who are also clients in a real sense). 7. Nurses learn much faster with Tru DR on how to position a pet because they can see the image within seconds and repositiion the pet as needed. The veterinarian rarely has to tell a technician to repeat a view."

Patrick (Pat) D. Choyce, D.V.M.
All Pets Animal Hospital, P. C.

"I put a TruDR system in my feline practice on December 1, 2005. When I was considering going digital I was told that I would make more radiographs with a digital system. I thought that would happen because I had new overhead to pay for. I am making considerably more radiographs, but it is not to pay for the equipment. I make more radiographs because I have confidence in the system to give me a diagnostic quality image each time. My radiographic income increased 56% in the first year and continues even now. There is also a significant decrease in overhead because I no longer purchase x-ray film or have my processor serviced. There is another income increase that is hard to quantify but that is very real.

I find abnormalities with my TruDR system that were not visible on my prior film x-rays. This means that I make more diagnoses and perform more therapies, both medical and surgical. Another feature that is superior to a film-based system is radiographic recall and review. I no longer have to sort through stacks of films in envelopes. (And, I no longer have space dedicated to them.) Instead, I have a monitor in each of my six exam rooms and at each of the three doctors' work stations that is connected to my hospital network and my digital server. I can open and review any image at any time. Not only is it extremely efficient, but it is also very impressive to my clients.

Digital radiography is the greatest improvement in existing technology that has occurred in my 35+ years of practice. When I first purchased the system I was thrilled with the improvement in image quality; I continue to be just as thrilled 2.5 years later. Sound Technologies was one of several companies I considered when I purchased my system. The stability of the company was a major factor. If you purchase a digital system from a company that goes out of business, your investment is largely lost. I have also been very pleased with the service offered by Sound. As with any computer-based equipment, there are down times. Sound has responded to my needs immediately, resulting in a minimum of down time. Overall, my digital system has been more reliable than my previous film-based system. Even in these shaky economic times, "going digital" is something you should seriously consider."

Gary D. Norsworthy, DVM, DABVP
Chief of Staff, Alamo Feline Health Center
Adjunct Professior College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State University

"I absolutely love my TruDr system and Sound Technologies has been only a phone call away whenever I needed them. Ron Tibett is a wonderful person and he kept in touch with me frequently to be sure everything was going well. I could not imagine practicing without my TruDr. The staff loves it also. Because it is so user friendly, they can take excellent quality radiographs in only a few minutes enabling them to move on to another task. The clients love them because they can see they are getting quality medicine for their pet. Their faces light up when we give them a copy of their xrays to take home.

We do take more xrays now with the TruDr. I don't have the data but I will get it for you as well as the revenue data. When looking at the revenue you need to know that I am a small practice in a rural area and only myself and a relief vet are at the clinic. Would I conside purchasing this technology during our nation's current economic situation? I would as long as my business was still doing well despite the current economic situation. Yes you can share this with others. I will get back to you soon."

JoAnne Stapler, DVM

"Wanted to thank you for a phenomenal continuing education course, Soft Tissue Diagnostics! As usual, the quality of Sound®'s C.E. programs was second-to-none. I took a similar Intermediate Soft Tissue Ultrasound course, offered by another ultrasound company, two years ago. Sound®'s course was far superior. Dr. Larson's lectures were filled with practical material and immediately applicable, easy-to-understand, tips. The lab instructors were all very knowledgeable and helpful, and hands-on ultrasound time was amazing. In the two days since returning to my practice, I already feel like I have brought my ultrasound skills to a new level.

Thanks Sound®, and I will never go to another company's ultrasound courses again!"

Kirsten Marek DVM
Marek Animal Services

"Having real cases, with lab-work, radiographs, case discussions & live ultrasound demonstrations was a great way to put together the whole case for the general practitioner."

Melanie Aschenberg, DVM

"A great day of CE. This course really gave 'legs' to the ultrasound training I've received."

Kandy Rannau

"Great Class, with a real world, real time work up. Well worth the time."

David Powers
Southside Animal Hospital,
Manassas, VA

"Very practical. A great course to help reinforce what you are seeing with ultrasound and how it can be applied in the diagnosis and management of real cases. Course instructors seemed to genuinely enjoy teaching and were very helpful with answering questions"

Adam Gerstein
Arcadia Animal Hospital

"Wanted to thank you for a phenomenal continuing education course, Soft Tissue Diagnostics! As usual, the quality of Sound®'s C.E. programs was second-to-none. I took a similar Intermediate Soft Tissue Ultrasound course, offered by another ultrasound company, two years ago. Sound®'s course was far superior. Dr. Larson's lectures were filled with practical material and immediately applicable, easy-to-understand, tips. The lab instructors were all very knowledgeable and helpful, and hands-on ultrasound time was amazing. In the two days since returning to my practice, I already feel like I have brought my ultrasound skills to a new level.

Thanks Sound®, and I will never go to another company's ultrasound courses again!"

Kirsten Marek DVM
Marek Animal Services