SMART RLT - Ergonomic Hand Piece
SMART RLT - New Accessory and HP holster
SMART RLT - HP Holster and accessory holder
SMART RLT - Prototype being used in Europe
SMART RLT - Prototype being used in Europe













The Best Gets Better!

Sound® brought RLT-Vet to the market in 2012 with the promise for better outcomes on difficult tendon and ligament injuries. After 60,000+ treatments, 3,000+ horses and 100+ Winners, the RLT has lived up to that promise again and again.




Advanced user interface saves time with new efficient settings and treatment protocols. Boasting a patient calendar, on-screen treatment videos, easy to view protocols, simple workflow, WiFi enabled auto-updater, and so much more!

Powerful & Portable

Superior technological advances allow for the right power in a smaller workplace, all while maintaining the integrity and performance of the classic RLT. Just 50 lbs, the SMART RLT easily goes where you go and plugs into standard 110v outlets.


The most ergonomic and comfortable HandPiece on the market!


Comfortable • Intelligent User Interface • Built in Treatment Protocols • Treatment How-to Videos • WiFi Enabled for Software Updates • 50 Lbs • 110V


The environment demands it, you demand it. The robust design of the SMART RLT is built for reliability and sustained performance.


That's right! Earn a return on your investment even faster!

Made in the USA

Designed by Sound ingenuity and built by American manufacturing, giving you added confidence.


"The Smart RLT™ laser is hands down the best treatment option for acute suspensory ligament desmitis. You will see a difference even ultrasonographically within 7-10 days."

Keith Merritt, DVM

We have been very impressed with the results we have seen with the Smart RLT, and it is quickly revolutionizing our treatment protocols for sports medicine conditions in show horses and sport horses. From pre-performance conditioning, to treatment of acute conditions, to use as a stand-alone or adjunct regenerative therapy for injuries, and for management of chronic conditions such as suspensory ligament desmitis, we find this treatment modality to be highly beneficial. The portable design, ease of use in the software, and variety of treatment protocols makes it an invaluable tool for our practice to help our equine athletes perform at the highest level possible.

Ty Wallis, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVS and Brad Hill, DVM, Equine Athlete Veterinary Services



SMART RLT Product Information
SMART RLT Product Information
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