Unprecedented, Record-Breaking Installation in Veterinary Industry

CARLSBAD, Calif., July 26, 2016 – Sound™, the world’s #1 Veterinary Digital Imaging and PACS company, today announced the 1000th installation of it’s widely heralded Sound SMART DR™ Digital Radiography Imaging System, setting a record in the veterinary industry since the introduction of the system two years ago.

“We are pleased to announce this Smart DR milestone and acknowledge the unprecedented achievement of 1000 small animal DR installations in less than two years,” said Tom Jacobi, president of Sound. “SMART DR created a simple image acquisition workflow that our new users and upgraded clients love, but it’s the consistency of the quality of radiographs which is responsible for the many accolades of the MUSICA images we hear about from veterinary radiologists, surgeons and boarded specialists.”

MUSICA Intelligent Image processing is exclusive to Sound™ and delivers consistently high image quality, eliminating the need for patient and view-specific tuning files. Smart DR optimizes sharp bone and soft tissue detail in the same image, which results in consistent image quality patient-to-patient, view-to-view, and user-to-user. Sound’s Smart DR refines the image experience with seamless integration from capture to cloud to review.

According to Dr. Bennett Fagin, DVM, ACVR, “The images from SMART DR are above and beyond the quality of any other images we see, and follow-up images are identical even when different techs are used. In my opinion, Smart DR is in a class by itself.”

Blue Pearl’s Imaging PACS administrator, Terry Besnier, RVT says, “SMART DR is by far the easiest DR software we have found. Three steps and you’re taking radiographs – it’s that easy. We can train the staff in 15 to 20 minutes with the on-board help videos, so it’s great for new technicians. In addition, Sound has 24/7/365 tech support and live chat on the system, so in one call or chat session you are taken care of.”

To learn more about Sound SMART DR, please visit, or call 1-800-268-5354 option 1, to schedule a free demonstration.

About Sound

Sound™ of Carlsbad, Calif., is the veterinary industry’s number one Digital Imaging and PACS Company, with uncontested leadership positions in Ultrasound, Digital Radiography, Imaging Education, and PACS Solutions. Sound is the exclusive provider of GE Ultrasound equipment for the veterinary market in the United States. Founded in 1996, Sound Technologies branded as Sound™ is a Division of VCA (NASDAQ: WOOF), and is dedicated to the field of veterinary imaging and education. More information may be found at

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